SRP – Jalazone Speeltuin Project

SRP are currently running a project with Jalazone Camp in the West Bank, raising money to support the community building a playground.

About Jalazone

Established in 1949, Jalazone residents come from 39 different towns and villages across Palestine. Conditions in Jalazone are severe. This is largely due to its proximity to Beit El settlement, the largest settlement in the West Bank. Unemployment levels stand at around 70%. Holding a residence permit from Jalazone presents a higher risk of being held or refused at a checkpoint, feeding the unemployment epidemic. The sole healthcare centre usually has just one doctor working.

Children are regularly the targets of the Israeli military, arresting them during night raids or harassing them around their schools. The number of martyrs from the camp is high at 35, 15 of those children.

The occupation is working very actively in its attempts to extinguish the spirits and resistance of the Jalazone camp community. The community holds together with sumoud. The Manajel centre; the Gathering of Women and Youth in Jalazone and the Palestinian Children’s club are all active in the camp, working to improve the children’s lives and opportunities. They run children’s activities and a summer camp and the women’s committee are determined to make their children’s lives better.

With this project, SRP hopes to build a connection with the camp based on solidarity and material support.


SRP and Jalazone

In August 2017, an SRP delegation visited Jalazone camp. Jalazone was the most severe conditions the delegation had seen of the camps they visited in Palestine.
During this visit they met the women’s committee from the camp. The women spoke of the work they do, which is focused on the children in the camp.  Their work varies from social to educational to psycological support. One of their projects is to build a playground for the camp. When we asked what coud we do to suport their work we were asked to raise the moeny for this playground.

This project came directy from the women’s committee of Jalazone camp and we hope to develop new projects with the Jalazone community when it’s completed.

Why a playground

Play is essential for any child’s development. The children in Jalazone are living under occupation with no proper play facilities.

The women of the camp want their children to have respite from the daily oppression of occupation. They uphold the practice of resistance in everyday activities and impart this on their children.

SRP aims to keep connected with Palestinian communities and go beyond mere words of solidarity. By supporting communities with resources we can access in tandem with  our solidarity wor becomes more meaningful and lasting.  By working directly with this community our knowledge and work can only strengthen.


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