Join SRP A’dam open meeting!

What: Open meeting SRP A’dam
When: Tuesday 17 April 2018, 19:00 start + dinner
Where: Hofgeest 193A, Amsterdam (5min walk from Amsterdam Bijlmer station)

Another month, another meeting!!

SRP has been developing the Jalazone playground project the past few months. We need to expand the project now into new spaces and communities. We will finalise the brochure to be published about the project and plan the next SRP activities in this meeting.

This month is leading up to the 70th anniversary of al Nakba. In Gaza the Great Return March is drawing all the world’s attention to the Palestinian struggle. SRP has a role to play in uplifting the voices of the resistance. In this meeting we will strategise this further.

How can we reach into our communities and create as much exposure as we can for Palestinian voices fighting oppression? How can our solidarity work be stronger? What skills do we collectively have that we can use to benefit the cause?

Come to the meeting and share your ideas and how you can contribute. You will have the opportunity to share your ideas for fundraising events, educational events, community outreach, articles and actions.

The time for supporting Palestine is crucial at this time. Join us on Tuesday and let’s do something good with our time!

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