Palestinian journalists frequently target of Israeli aggression during Great Return March

UPDATE: Yaser Murtaja dies of his injuries

Yaser Murtaja
Yaser Murtaja, Palestinian photographer in Gaza and thirty years young. Died in Gaza of his injuries he sustained during is work at the border with occupied Palestine, Israel.

night of six to seven April, in a Gaza hospital of his injuries sustained during his work as a photographer at the border. He was reporting the protests taking place under the slogan Great Return March. He leaves two children and a wife behind.One and a half week ago, Yaser Murtaja wrote the following:

‘I long for the day when I will be able to take this shot up from the sky and not down from earth.

My name is Yaser Murtaja
I am 30 years old
I live in Gaza City
I have never traveled abroad…’

Yaser Murtaja fb

By: Tom de Koning

On the second Friday of the protests in Gaza, reporters are the main target of Israeli aggression. Journalists reporting on the Great Return March have been shot at with ‘live ammunition and tear gas. Israel is aiming to prevent (live) reports on their crimes against the Palestinian people. At the moment of writing, eight dead and 780 wounded have been reported at the Gaza protests today.

Students for Justice in Palestine calls upon all conscientious people to take action in support of the protests in Gaza. Spread information about today on social media, talk about the protests in Gaza with your friends and family; let everyone know what’s going on in Gaza!

Seizures due to Tear Gas

A new type of tear gas is being used by the Israeli occupation army, inducing seizures in dozes of people. Additionally, many Palestinian people have become unwell due to the tear gas, amongst whom is reporter Islam Zanoon of Palestine TV (see video). Islam Zanoon is the sister of Ibrahim Zanoon, who was shot in his forearm today.

Ibrahim Zanoon 

Ibrahim Zanoon
Ibrahim Zanoon (22), was shot in his arm by the occupation army. He will have an operation tomorrow.

Ibrahim Zanoon (22), a freelance photographer and employed by the Gaza Center for Media Freedom, was shot in his forearm by the occupation army earlier today. He required a lot of blood and is currently awaiting surgery. Gaza’s hospitals are currently so packed that there is no space for some of the injured. The operating rooms, too, are working around the clock. Ibrahim Zanoon is the brother of Islam Zanoon, who fell unwell due to tear gas exposure today.

Yaser Murtaja

According to Al Jazeera, 28 demonstrators are currently in intensive care in critical status. Hosam Salem told this, and experienced his colleague being shot right next to him. Yaser Murtaja, the 30-year old journalist of a local TV station, fell to the ground after being shot in the gut.

Yaser Murtaja, 30, was shot by the occupation army on 6 April. He remains in critical condition on the IC.

‘Yaser was filming with his camera next to me when we heard shots,’ Salem said. ‘He fell to the ground and said “I’m hit, I’m hit”’. He required ten units of blood. The hospital have moved him from the operating room to Intensive Care, where his situation remains critical.

Khalil Abu Aazra

Khalil Abu Aazra works for Al Aqsa TV as cameraman. The Israeli occupation army shot him in his leg this afternoon.

The occupation army has as standard policy that Palestinians are primarily to be shot in their legs, especially their knees. Though this will frequently not (immediately) kill Palestinians, the injuries will cause significant problems. The complicated care to heal the injuries and undo the damage is often not available in Gaza. This is one of the many consequences of the Israeli blockade of the Gaza strip.

Khalil Abu Aazra, journalist of Al Aqsa TV, was shot in his leg and injured severely. 

Adham Alhajjar

Adham Alhajjar, cameraman for Media TV, has been shot this afternoon, east of Gaza City.

alhajjar 1

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