The Story of the Struggling Bird

I cannot believe that those ideas of the past were monopolizing my thoughts. As a little girl, I firmly believed that every day could be the last day for the war to end. For love to have victory over hate. For consciousness to transcend arrogance. The day that the happiness of all living creatures together would weigh heavier than the happiness of a limited group of people alone. That combination of hope and neglect at that time has caused my heart and mind to become blind for reality.

I would like to ask you something before I continue. Could you please close your eyes? I will guide you through my place of residence: the bird cage. I would not like to say it is a small place. It is big enough for me to reside in. It is not totally closed so I can look at the view in front of me. I can breath all the time and sleep whenever I wish. My stomach does not have to suffer frequently. The need of the mind to access knowledge is also satisfied, which is sometimes the only thing that is able to create a feeling of serenity within me.

Still there is something that chokes me. That is because in reality, I am not free. I live within controlled borders. It feels as if I am not able to develop my full potential. My dignity is in danger. My rights as a human being to be treated with respect and with full understanding of my total needs are in danger. When my freedom is in danger it means that the freedom of humanity as a whole is in danger as well. It is not possible to enjoy freedom upon yourself and restrict it to others. It will restrict your freedom someday, anyway, anyhow. It witnesses of a lack of understanding, empathy and insight to believe that freedom can be build on the shoulders of oppressed people.

Even though I am not able to witness what is happening beyond the view that I’m having right now, I am sure that people are standing up for justice. It is simply the way the human family works. I believe that all humans want to be happy. And when humans are happy, they want to share it with others. It is not for humans to live in bird cages. Neither it is for birds who have wings that can bring them to the farest place they wish to go to. It will somehow disturb their biological system and raise questions on their sense of being.

Now, I have become a young woman. Through the years, I have come to realise that we have to fight against what is not supposed to be. It is exactly this struggle that has to be continued. The combination of hope and neglect when I was young has been replaced by the combination of hope and struggle. It is a hope for struggle and a struggle for hope. Nothing in the world will be able to convince me otherwise, I am sure that Palestine will be free.

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